Country Western Thursdays at The Grove Station

$3 Shots and $6 drinks


Yeehaw! Dust off your cowboy boots and grab your trusty Stetson because Country Western Thursdays are in full swing at The Grove Station. Every Thursday night, our beloved establishment transforms into a lively hoedown where guests can kick up their heels and embrace their inner cowpoke.

What makes Country Western Thursdays at The Grove Station so special?

It's all about the cowboy hats! Join us in donning your finest western headgear, whether it's a classic cowboy hat, a stylish Stetson, or a fun and funky cow-print creation. By wearing your cowboy hat to The Grove Station, you'll unlock exclusive drink specials that will have you hollering "Yeehaw!" all night long.

Get ready to saddle up and enjoy $3 shots and $6 drinks throughout the evening. Our drink specials are sure to satisfy every cowboy or cowgirl. Whether you're sipping on a classic Old Fashioned or indulging in a refreshing margarita, our talented bartenders will whip up the perfect concoction to fuel your Country Western Thursday adventure.

Don't have a cowboy hat? No problem!
Swing by The Grove Station and pick up your very own cowboy hat to join in the fun. With a wide selection of music being played on thursday you cannot go wrong listening to Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Kenny Chessney, Luke Combs & more!

Country Western Thursdays at The Grove Station are more than just a night out—they're a celebration of camaraderie, good times, and the timeless spirit of the American West. Gather your posse, round up your friends, and join us for an evening of boot-stomping fun and unforgettable memories.

So grab your cowboy hat, polish your boots, and mosey on down to The Grove Station for a night of country western revelry like no other. We'll see y'all on the dance floor!

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